hong kong city guide

DSC_0053 So this is the last of my Hong Kong post, but it's a good'un! Today I thought I'd share with you a little city guide. Hong Kong is such a diverse and beautiful place and I have definitely not explored it all yet but these are places we discovered and fell in love with whilst there. I've got a mixture of restaurants, things to do and places to go for you all, so lets start with the food...

Tim Ho WDSC_0242an











We found this little gem a few days before we left and absolutely loved it! We were searching for a really good and proper dim sum restaurant, and after a bit of searching found this one right near our hotel, winner. It's definitely a place to try out if you've never had dim sum before, it has a great range of dishes, and an English menu which was very helpful! Some of our favourite dishes were the baked bbq pork buns, shrimp and pork dumplings, steamed vegetables and the glutinous rice dumpling.


Fairwood/Cafe de Coral/Pepper Lunch


So out in Hong Kong they're are lots of places to eat, and these places are kind of like fast food chains but chinese style, which is awesome! They're great spots if you want decent food at a good price, they're definitely not like fast food chains in England. We had Fairwood for breakfast for one time which was really yummy - although they give you hugeee portions, which I found with a lot of restaurants in Hong Kong so we only ever had two meals a day. My favourite of the 3 is Pepper Lunch, I love how the plate is like a grill and they cook your food on the plate it's really cool.



Now we couldn't go to Hong Kong and not have sushi! So Garlok's aunt took us to this super yummy sushi restuarant, we went to the one in Mong Kok and ordered lots of sushi, it had a good range and was really good. Plus they give you free green tea which is always a win. We liked it so much we decided to go back and try they're which was the best ramen I've ever had.IMG_3089

The Big Buddha DSC_0240DSC_0233 DSC_0229IMG_1835

This was such an amazing experience, and I urge all of you if you ever go to Hong Kong, make sure this is in your schedule! Even though it is on a completely different island to where we were staying, it was so easy to get to by MTR. When we got there we decided to get a package called the 360 Sky-Land-Sea Tour, which included a trip up to the Buddha in a cable car, then a tour bus to a fishing village called Tai O, where we got a boat ride out to the sea and got to see white dolphins!!!! Life. Complete. This was literally such a crazy experience, and it was made even better by the fact that we were the only people on the tour so we basically had a personal guide showing us around!


The Peak

IMG_1723 DSC_0157

This is a bit of an obvious one, and a bit touristy but we had a great time and the views were like no other. We decided that we wanted to go in the evening as we wanted to see the lights and oh boy was it beautiful. We also had dinner up there, which was probably a bit over priced because of where we were but it was still super yummy.


Visit a VillageDSC_0055 DSC_0002 DSC_0091IMG_1952 IMG_1955

So this is the last thing on my list of things to do but the most special to me. So when Garlok and I went to Hong Kong we visited the his Mum and Dad's village, it was so stunning and beautiful I never wanted to leave. It is such a contrast to central Hong Kong City, with trees and greenery everywhere, barely any signal and it was just so peaceful - the pictures speak for themselves. If I hadn't off gone to Hong Kong with Garlok I probably would have never seen this side of Hong Kong but I'm so glad I did! IMG_3076

I hope you've enjoyed my post from Hong Kong, there's still so much I want to explore over there and cannot wait to go back again!