5 bloggers that inspire me

Coming at you with a bit of a different post to share with you guys today. I thought I'd share with you some bloggers that have been continually giving me inspiration from starting out as a blogger to how I dress and blog post ideas. Each and every blogger is so different and that's what I love about blogging as it gives all of us a chance to express ourselves and to write about the things we love in the hope of finding someone who shares that love. D53A3C42-5129-49BC-BAC2-493CADFEF205

Personal style Inspiration

These bloggers inspire my personal style, sometimes making me try things a it out of my comfort zone. I always go to these blogs when I'm stuck in a style rut!

Lizzy Hadfield from Shot From the Street

Ohhhh myyyy godddd, her style is everything for me! Although the things she buys can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side, I get loads of style inspration from Lizzy and am always on the hunt for High Street alternatives to what she buys.

Megan Ellaby from Pages By Megan

Megan's style is so cool, I love it. She always makes me feel like yeah I can where I want and I will look good in it kind of feeling. Also being the same titchy height is always helpful to watch her haul videos to see where she buys trousers that you don't have to take up!

Alex Stedman from The Frugality

Another blogger who perfects that effortlessly cool, minimal style that I am also trying to attain. Whenever I feel like I have nothing to wear I'll to Alex's sight to get some great stripe tee style inspiration or a relaxed dressing style.


Blog Post Inspiration

Poppy  Deyes

I love reading Poppy's blog on a cosy evening in with a big cuppa tea in hand. They're so well written and a joy to read. I also love the variation to post's that she puts up. Whenever I head to her website I always know I'm going to find something interesting to read and her post always inspire me to try writing different posts on here to - just like this one!

Man Repeller

Last but by no means least is one you've probably all heard of before, Man Repeller, ran by Leandra and her team. I love reading this blog as there is always something on there to make me laugh and I'll most definitely learn something I didn't know before!

So there you have, 5 bloggers all very different and all complete inspirations to me and my little blog. I know this has been a bit of a long post but I hope you've enjoyed it and let me know in the comments who your inspiration is.


all photos via pinterest