summer shades

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Oh the joys of British weather - I'm currently writing this post about a summer outfit while it pours with rain outside. Typical.

Aside from that, today is the second look styling these absolutely beautiful shoes. As the months get warmer, I turn to lighter colours such as creams, nudes, greys and whites, this outfit is an example of just that. I recently have fallen in love with straight fit/girlfriend/boyfriend jeans(basically slightly loose fitting jeans) and really wanted a light pair for the warmer months, then I found these beauties in the Topshop Boutique range. This is kind of their luxury but not unique luxury range, and the prices are really decent for the quality. These jeans are a very heavy, firm denim which I quite like as they keep their shape well, but can be a little uncomfortable if you're sitting down in them for a long time. However, for days wondering around London they're perfect. I matched them a simple grey tee from Zara to keep the colour palette light.

Hopefully I'll be able to wear this outfit again because I love it so much! I just need the sun to come out pleaseee!