people who inspire me

My new website will be live on Saturday and I am just so, so excited, you’ll even get an extra post out of me, how lucky are you guys!

But today I thought I’d give a little shout out/appreciation post to all the people and organisations I have discovered that have given me the inspiration to make this change.

Let’s start with what started it all off, the documentary ‘The True Cost’, which basically goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry and shows you what it’s really like for the people who make our clothes. It is a real eye opener and the first time I watched it I noted down as many companies, people and organisations that they talked to in the documentary to look into as soon as I had finished watching it.

‘The True Cost’ Documentary

The first was Fashion Revolution, an organisation that is changing the way we think about our clothes and helping us to ask the difficult question of ‘who made our clothes?’ It’s a tough question that a lot of retailers cannot currently answer. But the more consumers who ask the question the more likely they are to start answering the question and really take into consideration the working conditions of the people that make our clothes.

Fashion Revolution

There are also a few bloggers who are already changing the way we think about shopping – for example Reese Blustein from Double 3xposure who buys a lot of her clothes vintage, which I love, and she always styles her clothes in such modern and unique ways. The amazing Emma Watson also uses her place in the world to spread the word, she created a line with Kowtow a sustainable fashion brand and has also created a Instagram page called @the_press_tour where she shares images of all the outfits she’s worn on the Beauty and the Beast press tour and who designed them. All of these individuals are making small changes to the way they think about their wardrobe and through that are inspiring other consumers, like me, to do the same, and this is what I want to pass on to all of you with my blog. I want to be a little piece of the internet that says no to fast fashion and instead is a source for interested game changers to come and change their stance on fashion.

Reese Blustein, Double 3xposure

Emma Watson

Now I can’t speak about inspiration without talking about the fact that I was also inspired to curate a capsule wardrobe. I feel like sustainable fashion and capsule wardrobes kind of go hand in hand, with general idea being you shop less and have a collection of clothes for each season that you truly love. I have always been interested in capsule wardrobes, the phrase has been circulating the fashion world for some time now but I have never really thought that I could do it myself. I believe, do correct me if I am wrong, that Caroline Joy Rector from Unfancy was the first to document her capsule wardrobe on a blog. I love her website and she has created this really helpful guide that you can print out and fill in, I am currently doing this, which makes it so much easier for you to get your head around what clothes not only do want to wear but that are essential and practical for real life. Another blog that I love to read for all tips on created a capsule wardrobe is Anuschka Rees, I believe she has also recently published a book that I am very much looking forward to reading.

Caroline Joy Rector, Un-Fancy

Anuschka Rees, Curated Closet

  And a few of other places I have found interesting and helpful:

Greenpeace Detox Catwalk

Livia Firth and Eco Age

The Good Trade

the power of uniforms

I know for a lot of people as soon as you say the word uniform you are instantly reminded of your ill fitting secondary school uniform that you would always try to personalise just so that you could be different from everyone else. I know this is exactly what I used to think when I heard uniform. But now I've come to use the word in a new way - to describe a set of outfits that will be my go to on days that I either don't have the time to think about what I am wearing or days where I feel awful in everything I put together.

Today I am sharing one of my favourite go to uniforms, one that is probably a uniform for a lot of people without them even realising it. The classic basic tshirt, jeans or some form of  trousers, loafers and a spring jacket. Most days you can find me in some form of this perhaps with culottes instead of jeans or a maybe a different coloured tshirt but it's still the same formula. I really love the colour combination here, the khaki adds the perfect touch of colour to a black and white outfit that could otherwise be seen as boring.

I definitely have a new found love for uniforms, let me know in the comments if you have any go to outfits you know you'll always look good in.

JEANS: TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE (old, love these) | JACKET: ZARA JOIN LIFE (last season, try this) | SHOES: KURT GEIGER


some thoughts and feelings

The launch is not far off now and I have that new beginnings feeling! Although I have been making subtle changes to my wardrobe ever since I decided to make my wardrobe sustainable, from the April 1st I will be focusing hard on creating my capsule wardrobe with sustainable items & will then for the first time ever be committing to that wardrobe for 3 months. Scary, intimidating and super exciting!

So today I thought I’d share with you what I am excited about and the things I think I might find extremely hard!

Let’s start off with the latter, the things I am going to find hard. This list could be endless if I put myself in that mind-set, But I am being a glass half full kinda person with this and focussing on the positives! But there will  definitely be some challenges along the way.

The biggest challenge: shopping.

I have decided that once my capsule wardrobe is complete for Jun-Aug, I will try not to buy a new item of clothing unless I truly believe it will add to my wardrobe effortlessly and be a forever piece. This is going to be tough, as I can’t remember the last time I went even a month without buying new clothes, let alone three!

Second challenge: wearing all the wardrobe!

I am worried that there will be pieces in my wardrobe that won’t get the love and wear I thought they would over the summer, so right now I am seriously thinking about every piece I purchase to make sure that it is not only pretty and to my style but also adaptable and wearable for the things I do most often e.g. going to work.

Now on to the stuff that I am super excited for on this journey!

Although it may become a challenge come the end of August, I am really excited to try and continue to find new ways of styling pieces to keep my wardrobe fresh and to stop me from feeling bored. It’s definitely going to be hard but I want to have as much fun with it as possible.

I am also really excited about discovering loads of new sustainable brands, I’ve already found quite a few, more on that to come soon, and cannot wait to find more brands to fall in love with.

Finally, probably what I am most excited for, is how this journey is going to develop me and change me for the better.

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’ Said a wise uncredited quote on pinterest

I’ll be keeping you posted every month with little updates on how I’m feeling, so keep an eye out for posts on my journey to Sustainable Style….

if you're not excited by it

‘If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path’ – Abraham Hicks – v1

I have some news!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a new theme in my posts; sustainability.

I love writing and sharing outfit posts with you all, seeing what’s on the catwalk and picking up on new trends and incorporating this into my style, but I was starting to feel frustrated with blogging and the fashion industry in general. It had sucked me in and I had just begun to spend aimlessly on clothes that I didn’t truly love just to keep on trend. But how can I truly love what I do if it doesn’t have a purpose?

So with that in mind there will a few changes happening in the near future.

Stay tuned and mark April 1st in your diaries!

ss inspiration: the outfit

Monday I shared with you some major beige inspiration that has recently taken over my Instagram and Pinterest feed. Well today I am sharing an outfit with you that was born out of that inspiration. Oh and a little brunch recommendation for you all too!

Initially I wanted a head to toe beige tonal look, but unfortunately couldn't find a pair of beige/off-white trousers that I loved and fitted perfectly. So instead I went with my beloved ripped jeans that go with basically everything. I added a thin high neck knit because as much as I wish it was Spring/Summer right now, it was raining and cloudy the day we shot this look. But that didn't stop me wearing the star piece of the outfit, this fantastically, amazing blouse from the new Mango Committed range. I spoke about this range on the blog at the beginning of this month here, and have been itching to try the pieces out. This is the first piece I went for and absolutely love it! It's made from organic cotton and I am just obsessed with the sleeves. This will look amazing in the warmer months on its own with a pair of wide leg trousers and some neutral slides and a basket bag. But for now I finished off the look with my black loafers and black bag for a nice day eating brunch and wondering around London.

Which brings me nicely to my brunch recommendation for you all. Timmy Greens recently opened on Buckingham Palace round and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to go in and try it! It is a bloggers Instagram dream, and it even had a guy playing the piano in the background. The food was deliciously and came in large portions to help you nicely into a Sunday food coma. I was obsessed with the interior and the staff were all really friendly and accommodating - my mum is dairy and gluten free and they were able to cater for her with ease. So if you're ever in the area and looking for somewhere to sit and watch the world go by whilst drinking cocktails, eating yummy food and listening to live music then this is the place for you! Oh and get that perfect gram of course.


ss inspiration: beige

Keeping it short and sweet today and letting the images do the talking. If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest then you'll know I am  obsessed with 2 things right now, greenery (mostly cacti) and all shades of beige. I can't really wear green, its really not my colour, but beige on the other hand has become my SS17 colour. So today I thought I'd share some images that I have been screenshotting, saving and pinning that have inspired me. I hope you love them as much as I do!

(I have mentioned where possible/known the people these images belong to at the bottom of the post)

Mango, Shot from the Street, Double 3xposure, Sessun, Kowtow Clothing

love your denim

I have such a love hate relationship with denim. I wear it almost every day and its such a key player in my wardrobe, yet I seriously struggle to find a pair that fit my perfectly.

I am rather on the short side, but have quite curvy thighs and butt and a smallish waist, so trying to find a pair that I can get over my butt, fit round my waist and don't drown my legs is a struggle to say the least. I found this pair in the H&M conscious collection and seriously loved them, they're perfect straight skinny fit and I love the rip detailing, they fitted round my butt and waist so I was on to a winner. The only downside was the length, they kind of just scrunched at the bottom of my ankles. I could have rolled them, and I did try, but I have this thing where I think rolled jeans on me makes my legs look shorter then they already are and also makes my ankles look fatter. Now this may all be in my head, but if you don't love yourself in an item of clothing then you'll never wear them. Thankfully for me, frayed hems are seriously in right now and don't seem to be going anywhere soon. So because I loved the rest of the fit and style so much (and thought frayed hems would work really well with this style) I took a pair of fabric scissors to them and made them my own. I absolutely love how they've turned out and they are definitely now my favourite pair of jeans that I own!

inspired by

A little while ago I saw this image above, I believe it was from a Fashion Week but can't quite remember which one - my bad. Anyways, I completely fell in love with the combo and saved the image instantly as inspiration for outfits with my puffer jacket. And today I thought I'd share with you my recreation of this look.

The main thing I loved about the outfit was the shirt sticking out from under a jumper, so I went digging for the perfect shirt in the depths of my wardrobe and come across this really old one from Zara which worked really well with my beloved mango jumper. Then I went for my navy skinny jeans to balance out the oversizedness (totally just made that up) of the puffer. I finished the look off with my loafers and a little crossbody bag because I really loved how the puffer look with a short crossbody bag.

I really love this outfit and it was so much fun trying to use only things I had in my wardrobe and not buying anything new to try and copy the look exactly.

mango's new sustainable collection

I first heard about Mango's Committed collection via Refinery29 and was instantly hooked by the images and couldn't wait for the collection to launch.

Well today is the day the collection finally launches and I thought I share some information on the collection with and of course my favourite pieces that I am itching  to buy!

Lets just take a minute to appreciate the artwork that is these images of the collection, shot by photographer Josh Olins on real-life couple Raquel Zimmermann and Mathias Lauridsen. The outcome is a collection that is minimal making it fit perfectly into my wardrobe in the most gorgeous colours that I am obsessed with for Spring.

The collection is made up of 45 pieces (25 women's and 20 men's styles), and has been manufactured in Portugal, Turkey and Morocco. It has been made from environmentally friendly organic and recycled cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel and has been certified of their sustainable origin.

All sounds amazing right, but what about the bigger picture...Well, according to vogue online the brand says currently 44% of Mango's other collections comprise of natural fibers. Which is a great step in the right direction, and hopefully competitors will maybe start thinking more about sustainability within their own brand.

Now for the exciting bit, the clothes themselves! The first piece that drew me into the collection has to be this dress, the floaty oversized yet still fitted (does that even make sense) style of the dress and the colour made me wish it was warm enough to wear instantly! Some of my other favourite pieces are:

Cotton Bucket bag

White relaxed jeans

Oversize cord blouse (imagine this with some denim shorts and sandals = dream)

Ruched waist trousers

Organic cotton blouse

Organic cotton dress

You can shop all of Mango's new collection here.

(This setting though = dreamy)

Hero winter pieces

As we say goodbye to February (and hopefully to the cold too) I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite pieces that I have worn throughout winter that have been my go to.


Starting off with coats. I have two coats that I purchased and have been continually worn these past months and I know they'll be back out again when it gets cold again and they are my faux fur coat and my long black overcoat. Two very classic styles that have worked so well with so many pieces in my wardrobe which have made them my go to with any outfit.


Moving on to shoes, I have two pairs of boots that have stood out to me. Firstly a pair I have had for over 2 years now and are still going strong and they are my vagabond boots. Whenever there's a chance of snow or if it's raining or just absolutely freezing these boots have been with me to keep my feet nice and toasty! My other pair are a newer purchase for the season and they are my over the knee boots from Mango, looking back through my outfits just goes to show just how many times I have worn these, they just make an oversized jumper look so good!


Talking of jumpers, my stand out jumper of the season has to be my charcoal grey one from UO, although I haven't blogged as many outfits with this one, it definitely has been my go to for that easy jeans with a jumper tucked in look!


Finally, looking back through my outfits, denim in general has been my choice of bottoms for the season, perhaps now a little too much (I am very excited to wear lighter trousers for spring/summer). But overall my black skinny jeans seem to be my most worn over the season, worked so well with basically everything!

I am now so ready for spring, warmer days and less layers let's hope March makes all my dreams come true!

stepping into spring

It is finally getting warmer and I am so ready to shed the jumpers and thick coats for a change of pretty blouses and leather jackets. I have been dying it get out the layers and wear this blouse, so when my family decided to go for a walk in the countryside, I tagged along and took these outfit photos before we headed off. I wanted to keep the outfit simple, focusing on this amazing blouse and all the details of it, from the frilled sleeves to the polka dots. I paired it with my light blue skinny jeans which I think I'm going to start wearing more and more as the weather turns warmer and brighter. Then I finished off the look with two staple pieces in my wardrobe, my leather jacket and my black loafers. I love how easy and simple this look is with its mix of girly blouses and cool leather, it just screams Spring to me, and that is all that is on my mind at the moment!


Chiswick house Chinese lantern festival

Today I thought I'd share with you a little photo diary of the Chinese Lantern festival at Chiswick house and gardens. We went last Friday and it so absolutely stunning I couldn't not share these photos with you. So here they are...

The festival happens every year to celebrate Chinese New Year and this year it will be on until the end of the month so if you work/live/are in the London area then I urge you to try and get tickets as it is seriously breathtaking! You can visit there website here or try and get some tickets via timeout here.

the puffer jacket: cosy and comfortable 

Back again with a completely different way to style my puffer jacket.

Focusing on the puffer a bit more today, I have to say this has been a star buy for me this month, as the weather has been so so cold, and I have needed something to keep me nice and toastie and this does the trick perfectly. You can get this puffer in loads of different colours but I went with black as its just so versatile. This was what I wore when we went to Shoreditch on Sunday to wonder round the markets and get some bagels from Brick lane (if you have not done this before then you must!). I wanted to be comfortable and cosy so went with an all time favourite jumper from Urban outfitters, these new ripped jeans from H&M which I am thinking about destroying the hems on as I think they're too long, and my trusty old skool vans. Super basic but extra cosy and comfrtable,w hich is just what you need when its threatening to snow all the time!



the puffer jacket: sexy and practical

It's February. It's freezing. And you're going on a date. What the hell do you wear?!

Well this is outfit is my answer. I'll break it down for you. I love all black outfits, and they are my go to when I have to dress up or look nice and 'chic' for the evening. All black never fails. But it's also absolutely freezing right now in London so skirts and dresses are out of the question for me! Black skinny jeans paired with heeled boots always look good and give that put together finish a date night look needs. Now for the sexy bit, a lace top. A new purchase for me from LaRedoute and one I have completely fallen for, I just love how this looks with a simple black triangle bra underneath sexy but not over the top. Now with all that skin showing, I needed a really warm layer on top and that's where the puffer jacket comes in. It's black so keeps in line with the look I'm going for but it's also ridiculously thick so I actually feel like a jacket potato in it!

And there you have it, a date night outfit that looks sexy but won't make you freeze to death on the way home! Perfect that special day tomorrow or any night you feel like spending with your loved one!


a love letter to my faux fur coat

Here I am wearing this Topshop faux fur coat for the 163837493 time, and I love it just as much as the first day I bought it! This has to be one of my best buys this season, it has been worn countless times and I love how it can make the most boring outfit so much cooler instantly.

Now I am completely against real fur, but I love love love how this faux fur one looks, I get so many compliments when wearing it and I feel so comfortable and confident in it!

So thank you Topshop for bringing out this coat, and thank you coat for making me just that little bit cooler than I was before (which I've now probably lost from just writing that) and I know that you will be a coat that I will always love and wear for seasons to come!

Topshop Faux Fur Coat, I love you!

Sidenote: I am also loving this beautiful jumper I recently bought from &Other Stories, it's another fun one to spice up my jumper collection.


the hoodie trend 

Yes, that's me in a hoodie, and I loved it! The hoodie trend has been everywhere throughout autumn and winter this year and I have loved it but never thought I'd try it myself. That's until I found this ahhmazing hoodie dress from &Other Stories. I really love how this looks with an all black outfit, and the zip detailing is the perfect cherry on top!

I feel like this hoodie has definitely refreshed my warm winter wear. I was getting so bored of wearing knitted jumpers every other day, so I like the fact this is different but still keeps me nice and warm!


something needs to change

Today I do not have an outfit post for you. Do I feel guilty about this? Yes. Do I feel like I'm struggling to come up with fun, new ways to wear clothes? Yes. Am I worried that I'm trying too hard to be someone/something I'm not? Yes. These are just some of the questions that have been going round and round in my head of late. So instead of hiding behind a half-hearted outfit post, I thought I'd discuss the problem with you. And that problem is, of course, the dreaded 'I have nothing to wear and I don't feel myself' feeling.

I have always written this blog to be about my personal style, the things that continue to stay the same about my style and the new trends that I like to dip my toes into every now and then. But what happens when I feel like I have lost touch with my personal style?

I wanted to just start from scratch, so I did a huge wardrobe clear out a couple weeks ago. Then I went online and did a little bit of research, and that is when I came across, a blog written by Anuschka Rees and it is based around how to curate the perfect wardrobe. I seriously recommend you go and have a read, I've learned a lot since reading some of her posts.

She also created a wardrobe planner which is free to download, and I jumped at the chance to go through it, and thought it'd be good to share with what I've planned to buy/looks I want to create over the next couple months.

So the planner starts off by asking you some questions, here are some examples and my answers:

1. Who is your number one style icon for this season and why?

This was a tough one, I couldn't just pick one person! I am continually inspired from bloggers like Lizzy Hadfield from Shot from the Streets, Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now and Alex Steadman from The Frugality to celebrities like Alex Chung.

2. List three new things you want to try.

The three things I went with were, dressing smarter for my full time job, wearing more patterns/colours and trying leather trousers. Let's see if I do actually do any of these over the next few months!

3. What colours do you want to wear this season?

I scrolled through my screenshots and Pinterest boards to see if there were any colours that stood out and these were my main colours that I truly loved and wanted to continue wearing/try:

Main colours - Grey, Khaki, Camel

Neutrals - Black, White

Accent shades - Red, Pale pink, Brown, Navy

4. What pieces are your most important key pieces this season?

Vintage inspired Denim, leather trousers, knitwear, Blazers/cropped jackets, Overcoats, striped tees, interesting/fun blouses/shirts, Boots

Then it finishes with a space for you to write what you need to buy, repair and replace. I've been doing some online shopping, and ordered a few new bits to try which has given me a new found love for my style and hopefully I feel a bit more excited about getting dressed again.

I now want to use my blog to track how I am developing my personal style and see how it has changed, and hopefully in a couple months time I can write a post updating you guys on how I feel! It feels so good to finally get this off my chest and to also share with you guys that it is ok to feel a little lost and out of touch with your personal style! I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's maybe even given you a little bit of inspiration. Have a good week!

chinese new year

Coming at you today with a rather large factual post around Chinese New Year!

As some of you may know, my boyfriend is Chinese, his family originate from Hong Kong and I am continually fascinated by their culture. In fact, I love learning about lots of different cultures. I have always been interested in different cultural traditions and how each one differs from the next, and today I thought I'd share with you some interesting things I have learned from Garlok's family and also through my research online about Chinese New Year.

So starting off with the basics, every year the date for Chinese New Year changes due to it being based on the lunisolar chinese calendar.  This year started on Saturday 28th January, festivities usually start the day before and continue until the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the new year. Each Chinese new year is associated with one of the 12 animals that appear in the Chinese Zodiac, this year will be the year of the Rooster.

Moving onto the favourite bit of course! So for dinner on Saturday we had enormous prawns, a dish called 'Drunken Chicken', choi and chinese mushrooms, sea bream with ginger and spring onions, a chinese root vegetable and rice. Yes this sounds like a lot, but its quite normal to have a few different dishes on the table and you can then pick and choose what you want and how much. I always end up eating way too much because Garlok's Mum is such an amazing cook it's just too yummy!

We also ate a traditional this traditional sweet food called "leen goh" which basically means "year cake". It is a sweet and sticky type of rice cake, it is fried so that the outside is nice and crispy while the inside is all gooey. It is said to be eaten on Chinese New Year as the translation of the year cake can all be interpreted as "higher year" so it is said that if you eat these it us symbolic of raising yourself higher/taller (could be a higher wealth etc) in the coming year.

I'll finish off by saying "Gong Hay Fat Choy", and I hope I haven't overloaded your brain too much!

P.S. Just realised I totally forgot to talk about my outfit. Hello red shoes! This is such a statement for me, but I have been seeing some serious outfit inspiration recently with red shoes from the likes of Lucy Williams from Fashion me now and Lizzy Hadfield from Shot from the Street. SO I just could not resist this super cute mary jane style from Topshop. I kept the rest of the outfit really minimal so that they shoes could do the talking, and I really love the pop of red from the tshirt, it really pulls the whole outfit together.

P.P.S. Also apologies for the hair, the weather was rubbish and I it totally turned my hair into a frizz ball!

SS17 denim

We may be right in the middle of winter but my mind is firmly in SS17 already and all the glorious sunshine that will hopefully come with it. So to put my mind at rest, I thought I'd share with you today a trend that I can easily get stuck into. And that is, of course, denim.

Denim has been continually growing year on year and I am so excited to mix up my denim and add so new and interesting pieces into my wardrobe, so here are my 4 favourite denim trends that I'll be buying into...

Rigid/Vintage-inspired Denim

Wide-leg/cropped flares

Raw hems


All in all, I think the theme for denim that has been going strong for a while now, is individuality. Making sure your jeans are personalised to you so that you love them and they become a true part of your style. And that is definitely something I want explore more this year!

(all images via pinterest)