Out of Office: Holiday Mode

Unfortunately there isn't a normal post today! I have been crazy busy at work and haven't been able to get a post for you guys today. So instead I'm just writing a little note to let you guys know I am now heading off on holiday for the next week and will not be posting anything new until Wednesday 23rd August, where I''ll be sharing lots of holiday content!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer holiday's whatever you are up to!


3 Sustainable Purchases for Autumn

We may be in the height of Summer (supposedly) but I have already been starting to think about my Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe. I've been planning where I want to shop, the pieces that I need and some trends I want to buy into in a sustainable way.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 piece's that I'm looking to add to my capsule wardrobe when the weather get's a little cooler.

1. Cashmere jumpers


Something my wardrobe seriously lacks is those in-between pieces for when it's not tshirt weather anymore but if I put a thick jumper on I know I'll overheat. I've had my eye on Everlane's jumper collection for a while and can't wait to pick up some of their pieces when I go to New York in October.

Everlane Cashmere V Neck

Everlane Cashmere Crew

Everlane Ribbed Wool Cashmere Jumper

2. Colour Trousers


I love denim and every year when the weather gets cooler I end up living in jeans. This year I want to add some colour denim - I'm thinking red - into my wardrobe to mix things up a bit. I also want to add some corduroy trousers into the mix for that grandad chic that I love!

Everlane Wool Full Leg Pants

Reformation Joss Pants

Reformation Work Pant

Whistles Red Jeans

3. Vintage Check Blazer


My mission for Autumn is to find the perfect vintage check blazer. I'm going to be hunting through lots of vintage stores both in London and New York to find one, I think the perfect check blazer can totally make an outfit as shown by some of my favourite bloggers above.

Summer in the city: Basket Bags

Next up in my summer in the city series is styling the ultimate summer accessory - the basket bag. They are the it bag of the season and come all shapes and styles, the most well known one being the Jane Birkin basket bag.

Today I'm sharing with you how I styled my basket bag in London on Sunday when we went to a farmers market. What better place then to carry my basket bag! Again, like the espadrilles, I paired the basket bag with denim to make the outfit seem more fitting for summer in a city. I kept the outfit quite minimal so the bag could do all the talking and just went for my cropped cami top and nisolo slides. This is the perfect outfit for wondering around all the amazing markets that London has to offer from food markets to flower markets and a basket bag is the perfect accompaniment.


Seasonal Eating Guest Post

Today on the blog I'm handing over to my sister who has recently began her journey to eat more seasonally and sustainably. She has kindly agreed to write a post for my blog to share with all of you her tips on seasonal eating.

"When I turned 25 earlier this year I made a decision (partly inspired by Elea's journey into sustainable style and partly a realisation I'd spent the last quarter of a century consuming). I needed to add the word conscious in front of consumer and maybe start looking at my impact on the world. I'm a big foodie, always have been and I figured that maybe that's the best place to start.

It's no secret that what we eat has a massive impact on our environment. The amount of waste created and water used by the livestock industry is eye-watering. The air miles on the food flown in from around the world so our supermarket shelves look the same month in month out is outrageous and the food waste the average family produces is downright shameful. You could end up with a healthy dose of guilt when looking at your plate.

Eating sustainably might seem daunting at first but following the tips below will help you on your way

photo (5).jpg
  1. Eat seasonally
    Food is flown in from all over the world so we have constant access to our favourite staple fruit & veg all year round. Which is ridiculously when you can buy fresher, local and normally tastier produce when it's in season. Meat and Fish have seasons too which has a massive impact on taste and sustainability (especially for fish). Less air miles. Tastier food. Less guilt. Yes it takes some research to find out what's in season when but it's worth it. And if enough people buy only seasonal products from the supermarkets they'll create a demand...

  2. Eat more veg
    And by extension less meat...
    As a meat lover I thought this was going to be the worst. I was wrong. Eating more veg means I have widened my food horizons, saved money and been able to spend a bit more on a nice bit of meat so I can really showcase it. I've also increased the amount of fresh fish I eat buying fish that's in season and a not your standard cod or haddock has been cheaper and enlightening to my tastebuds!

  3. Eat local
    Local food supports local producers, supports local communities and reduces carbon emissions. Win win win. Check origins on food labels in supermarkets or better yet head to your local farmers market.

  4. Plan
    Eating sustainable is not necessarily a fly on your seat of your plants endeavour. It may take some awareness and planning, which fits lovely with my bullet journal habit! I tend to work out what's in season (and write lists in my journal) and then find some recipes that take my fancy. Food planning is proven to save money and increase healthy eating as added bonuses.

  5. Grow your own (if you can)
    No space is too small, from pots of herbs and chillis on a windowsill to fruit plants on balconies. I've recently just set out on my allotment journey, following in my mum's footsteps. I can tell you honestly there is no better tasting food than the stuff you've grown yourself, eating berries straight off the bush or veg on your plate that you dug up a few hours ago."

Useful info




I really hoped you enjoyed this post, it's so interesting listening to other people's views and how they live a sustainable lifestyle!

Summer in the City: Espadrilles

Today's outfit is the first in a little series in which I share with you how I style certain pieces that are perfect on holidays in a more appropriate way in the city. I think it's really important to have clothes that are versatile so you can get the most wear out of them.

To start off the series, I'm sharing how I would style espadrilles for the city. I love these espadrilles from Castaner and will definitely being buying their wedge pair in the future. They are so unbelievably comfortable which is perfect for walking around a city. If I ever want to make something easier to wear my go to is pairing it with denim. This time round I went with my denim mini and kept the outfit really simple with my white tee and this khaki jacket. This look would also look great with a leather jacket but sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit.

I also love these amazing photos, which were taken by my very talented friend,  Josh. You can check out his Instagram here and his website here!


7 Tips for Travelling more Sustainably

We are well into summer now which of course means booking those all-important holidays. Ever since heading off to Athens with Garlok two years ago, I have had the travel bug and my bucket list of places I want to travel to is a long one. But along with becoming more conscious about my wardrobe, I have started to become more aware of how to be sustainable in other areas of my life.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

So today instead of discussing sustainable fashion, I thought I would do a little piece on tips on how to travel more sustainably. I’d like to start introducing more aspects of a sustainable lifestyle into the blog, please let me know if that is something that you’d be interested in and what you guys think in the comments below.

Anyway let’s get on to today’s topic, travelling more sustainably. Even just getting on a plane cause air pollution, so trying to go away and be sustainable can be tricky, but there are a couple things you can do that obviously make a huge difference.

1.       If possible instead of flying, take a road trip or travel by train/boat as they are more eco-friendly.

2.       Book a more sustainable place to stay. Instead of going all-inclusive at a big resort, try staying at a B&B or Boutique hotels as they usually run by locals which means by staying there you are helping the country’s economy. Also check out The Good Trades list of Eco Friendly hotels and Airbnb’s here and here.

3.       Take a reusable water bottle. Instead of purchasing lots of plastic bottles whilst away causing a lot of waste whilst in another country, take a bottle with you and fill it up at water fountains etc. I know that Rome actually have lots of fountains dotted around the city which is perfect!

4.       Buy locally made products, head to the local markets or little Artisan shops instead of large touristy shops that have lots of things imported in.

5.       If you go on a tour use a local tour guide instead of a big company as you know the guide will actually been getting the money and will probably be more authentic!

6.       Try to travel on foot/cycle or use public transport as much as possible.

7.       Final one and one I think is so important – Immerse yourself in the local culture. Try to learn some basic phrases in their language, follow their traditions and of course as the saying goes ‘when in Rome do as Romans do’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece, please let me know in the comments if you have any tips on travelling more sustainably. 

A Few Things I have been loving

Today I thought I'd share some things I've been loving recently including this outfit!

1. Dresses. Even though it is currently grey and miserable here in London, I have been loving wearing dresses more than ever this summer. I've got quite a good collection of dresses going on now with a mix of mini and midi's. my favourite style has to be the wrap style.

2. Reformation and Faithful The Brand. Two brands I have been loving a lot recently. I already own a couple pieces from both brands and they are such good quality, I can't wait to buy more pieces. They do summer so well, I'd literally buy their whole stores!

3. Film Photography. Some of my favourite bloggers/instagrammers, Lizzy Hadfield, Lucy Williams and Talor Lyttleton all use film photography and it always looks amazing. So I have decided to buy my own film camera, an Olympus Trip 35, and give the whole film photography thing a go myself. I am super excited as we're going away to Rome next month and I think film would be the perfect way to capture the city.

4. Granola and yoghurt. I have always been a fan of breakfast and love having lots of different options for breakfast in the mornings, but currently my absolute favourite is granola and yoghurt with any type of fruit there is in the house. I've started making my own granola as well using oats, desiccated coconut, seeds, nuts, a bit of honey and oil mixing it all together and putting it in the oven until golden. It's so yum with coconut yoghurt and nectarines!

5. French/Spanish Music. I have been listening to a lot of French/Spanish music which I have been loving recently, it's great to listen to whilst working because usually I end up writing what I'm listening to in English! My favourite playlist on Spotify at the moment is this one.

6. Finally, I couldn't not talk about this outfit. We went out on a little date night last Saturday to a really love restaurant called Hawksmoor. I believe there are a few dotted around London and if you are ever in London I definitely recommend the food was delicious. But anyway, back to the outfit. I recently decided to add this skirt from Reformation to my wardrobe as slightly fancier piece. I paired it with my gorgeous Asos blouse which I definitely do not wear enough, black sandals and my little black bag. I really loved how this looked and is the perfect summers evening outfit except for the fact it was freezing on Saturday night!


Sustainable Swimwear

Swimwear season is in full swing and even though I have my pieces for this summer it doesn't stop me lusting after some truly beautiful swimwear. Also it gives you guys some great sustainable options. I'm definitely into one pieces this summer they just look so effortless and chic! Check out below my favourite sustainable swimwear:

Something Exciting to Share

Instead of a video, today I wanted to share something super exciting! A few months back I was approached by a start up magazine, Awear Mag, to be featured in their first editorial. I mean I honestly could not believe it and I still can't quite get my head round it even now I have a copy! 

Awear Mag is a platform for anyone interested about learning why sustainability in the fashion industry is key and tat change needs to happen. You can find out more about them here.

For their first issue, "The Vintage Issue", I was interviewed about my opinion on sustainability and how I got to where I am now, which you can now read on their website.

It was such an exciting opportunity and I am so glad I can now share it with you guys and say thank you because with out all of you, none of this is ever possible. SO thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the interview!

The print edition is now sold out but if you still want the whole edition you can purchase the digital version here.

Wide Leg Pants for Breakfast

Sustainable Style

One of my favourite things in the summer is wearing white with a tan, so whenever the opportunity arises I always make the most of it!

We’ve been having some really lovely weather recently and all white outfits are my favourite. I wore this look on a Sunday when I and Garlok went out for breakfast. It’s the outfit for looking put together but also comfortable and complements my tan from Marseille nicely! Even though I've wore this outfit before little things like the sun shining and my skin being a bit darker make a huge difference.

What are you favourite combinations to wear in the warm weather?

Let's talk about Body Confidence

Sustainable Style

Sun’s out bum’s out is the saying right?

Summer is here, which means less layers and more skin showing, holidays in bikini’s and lots of ice cream!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about body confidence and thought it’d be a good idea to share my thoughts and experiences here on the blog. When I was younger I had a real problem with my weight, I always thought everyone was so much skinner than me and that it was something to idolise. I lost a lot weight in my late teens and still struggle with my body weight now, no matter how many times close friends and family tell me not too! My main issue was when I was growing people weren’t as aware as they are now about how every body is different and that we all have different metabolisms etc. So when I was a teenager with slim friends that could eat unhealthily most of the time and not put on weight I thought that there must be something wrong with me. I used to find it so hard wearing less clothes and I still have things about my body that I wish were different like we all do, but I have become so much more accepting of my body and become so much more confident. I think two things have majorly helped me do this. Firstly my friends and family, my boyfriend is like my rock and he will always make me feel better when I suddenly have a wave ‘god I hate my body’ confidence knock, he’ll be there supporting me. The second thing has been blogging and social media. I know that a lot people blame social media for the part it plays in showing young girls an unrealistic body image and stereotypical body, but for me there is also a community of bloggers that show you can be any body type and look beautiful and that is the most uplifting thing possible. Also blogging myself has helped me become more confident in the things I love and have my own personal style because I think the clothes you wear do have an impact on the way you feel.


So that is why today I am sharing with you some photos that we shot whilst away in Marseille, hip dips and all. This is my body and the world would be a better place if we all stopped comparing ourselves and started loving our own body’s cliché as it may be!

Finally, I couldn’t finish this post without discussing the bikinis! The stripe one is an oldie that I have had forever, but is such a classic shape and pattern that it never goes out of style. The red bikini is a new purchase from the brand Weekday and is made from recycled materials. I’ve wanted a high waisted bikini for a while and this one does not disappoint. I love the colour of it and the shape and ribbed pattern of it, it’s so bold and definitely a statement but I love it!


Marseille Style Diary

For my last post from Marseille I thought I'd share with you all the outfits I wore over the weekend, I packed a lot of light easy clothes like through on dresses and skirts. Below are 3 day looks and 2 evening looks, I've linked everything that is available to buy still and some sustainable options for the ones that are no longer available.












A Weekend in the Sun

Today I'm sharing with you where we stayed, where we ate and all the photos I took whilst exploring the different areas. My favourite area had to be Le Panier with it's small cobbled roads that crisscross each other and the fact it felt so much quieter and more relaxed then the port. Unfortunately we didn't get to do all the things we wanted to, but I guess that just means we'll have to go back! 

The Hotel - New Hotel Saint Charles


This is 3 star hotel but is definitely better than some 4/5 star hotels I've stayed at! It was exactly what we needed for the weekend, a simple base to sleep, shower and have breakfast before heading out. There room wasn't enormous but there was enough room for all our things and a good sized bathroom. Downstairs is what I really loved about the hotel. They have an indoor garden with a glass roof which is where you eat breakfast every morning. It looked so fresh and I could have happily sat in there all day.


On Friday when we arrived, we headed to straight to the hotel, got changed then headed off to the port. Instantly you can tell from being by the port that it is such a vibrant, fun city. We (mainly me) were starving so grabbed a table outside in the sun by the port at a restaurant called La Chope D'Or. Charlotte had mussels and chips and I had aioli with fish and vegetables. It was so yummy, just thinking about makes me want to eat it again!

  After eating we set off for the beach which was about a 20-25 minute walk from the port and ended up staying there for the rest of the afternoon. 

In the evening, we strolled around the streets behind the  port and ended up in a restaurant called La Mamma which is an Italian restaurant, but one of the chefs was Spanish and hand made a Paella so I had that. This is one of the things I loved about Marseille, there is such a mixture of cultures it makes for such an interesting city! One night you could be eating something French, then the next something Morrocan, I love it!



We woke up early on Saturday as we wanted to do the boat trip in the morning which turned out to be cancelled so instead we headed to my now favourite area Le Panier. So many lovely little streets and cute shops and places to it. It was so quite when we were walking around and I could have happily have wondered round there all day. For lunch we headed back to a place near where we were staying called Le Comptoir Dugommier. It was such a cute and rustic little place with a really welcoming feel. We went in and sat down and a waiter literally carried a huge chalkboard with the days menu on and propped it up against a chair for us to read! We both went for the fish with grilled vegetables which unfortunately I don't have a photo of as we were both so hungry, we scoffed it down as soon as it arrived.

Because the boat trips ended up being completely cancelled we decided to find a sunny spot on the port and have some drinks and chill for the afternoon. We ended up at Manufactory which again had beautiful rustic interiors and very friendly staff. We ended up sitting there for hours.

For the evening we headed to Bistrot L'Horloge for dinner, I had gnocchi and Charlotte had a beef tartare. After that we headed to a Wine bar which was so cool and the guy who served us literally knew everything about wine which was amazing!



On Sunday, with slightly sore heads we decided to just spend the day at the beach, taking more photos of the areas along the way, and I also managed to find a really cute cafe called Richelieu Plage, built into the cliffs by the beach so we didn't even have to get dressed for lunch!

For our last dinner we went to an all you can eat buffet at Buffets Du Vieux Port. There was so much choice I'm pretty sure I tried a bit of everything!

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed Marseille and I would definitely go back for the food and the relaxed atmosphere. I also vlogged for the first time while I was away which you can watch below!

Wardrobe Updates and Changes

Sustainable Style

It’s been just over a month of me wearing my capsule wardrobe now and I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s working well at the moment and what’s not. So I decided to do a little review of my wardrobe and make some swaps and thought it would be good to share with you.

First up, I spoke about this a bit last week in Mondays post, but dresses are everywhere this summer and every morning all I seem to want to wear is a dress. In light of this I decided to switch out my patterned playsuit with long sleeves which I am getting no wear out of currently and instead add in this gorgeous dress which is slightly more dressy than my other pieces so perfect for summer weddings or special occasions which I definitely felt like I was missing. A friend also gave me this cute dress which is similar to my floral wrap dress, because she wasn’t wearing it and knew that I love these styles of dresses. That’s two new dresses added to my wardrobe so expect  to constantly see me in a dress for the rest of summer!

I’ve also decided to take out a top, which I’ve realised isn’t very summery and is much more of a spring or autumn piece so it’s going into storage. For now I’m not going to buy or add any new tops but if I find something that catches my eye I may add it.

Finally, I wanted to purchase some extra accessories, a new pair of slides and some jewellery. This summer I am feeling much more comfortable in flat shoes and have been basically living in my black mules so decided that it would be a good investment to pick up a similar style but in a brown/tan colour as I tend to lean towards those colours more in summer. As mentioned in Monday’s post layered jewellery is something I am loving currently, so just before I went away I picked up a couple extra pieces to play around with and I love how it looks so much.

That’s all my changes to my wardrobe recently, as I said I wanted to be as honest as possible on this journey and I didn’t expect to change parts of my wardrobe after only a month. But I am glad that I’ve made the changes and of course I’ll let you know if anything more changes.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention these photos, which were taken on holiday in Marseilles this weekend. This dress was the perfect throw on and go kind of dress for beach days. I had such an amazing time away and have lots more content coming to you soon!

Holiday Moodboard

I'm currently spending my last few hours in Marsielle and have been completely inspired and am in full on holiday mode. These images and the surroundings I have been in for the past few days have been really inspiring me and I hope they inspire you too.

Loving dainty jewellery at the moment , especially layered like this 


swimwear season is upon us


Images sourced: Song of Style, Shop one of a few,  Faithful the Brand, Alyssa in the city, Laura Jackson, Tanya Burr, C_I_O, Nanushka, Lucy Williams, Ellen and James, Conservatory Archives, Rucker Mag, Life of Boheme, Liv Purvis

Tips and must haves for a Weekend Away

My sister and I are heading off for a weekend in the sunshine in the south of France this weekend, and as we head into holiday season I thought I’d share my tips and things I can’t leave behind when travelling.

image 3.jpg
  1. 1. Plan your outfits so you know what you want to take.,bring items of clothing that are versatile so you can wear more than once.
  2. Roll don't fold! Oldie but a goodie, this always saves me so much space when packing
  3. Buy reusable mini bottles for your skincare/hair care products so you don’t have to buy mini bottles of skincare that could potentially break you out, which is not good when you’re on holiday and want to wear barely any makeup.
  4. Pack a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes and wear one pair, this gives you a lot of versatility for the weekend. I pack 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of walking around all day sandals and 1 pair of slightly fancier sandals for evenings
  5. Share the bigger things, e.g. hair dryer and straighteners etc between the people you’re travelling with.
  6. A good read or two! I have been reading so much this year and cannot wait to chill at the beach with a good book in one hand a cocktail in the other. (we won’t get into the book vs. kindle debate…)
  7. Bring some fun accessories. I have a couple accessories like cool earrings and fun scarves that I haven’t had a chance to wear here in the UK so am definitely packing them for holidays.
  8. DON’T FORGET SUNCREAM! Such a huge essential for me, I have a separate face one too which is SPF 50. This mini body one is great for packing in your day bag too so you can top up whilst in the sun.


So, those were my tips/essentials for packing for a weekend away. Let me know in the comments below if you’re heading off somewhere nice this summer and what your essentials are when packing.