Sustainable Beauty Shopping List

Along with creating a more sustainable wardrobe, I am also interested in my other parts of my life more sustainable. One of the main things being beauty. I think it is soooo important that we know exactly what we are putting on our skin and where it exactly it comes from.

So recently I have been looking into ethical and sustainable beauty brands to decide which ones I want to trial and what would work best for my skin. I have very sensitive skin and suffer from quite bad acne so its important to me to know what I'm putting on my skin and to make sure it doesn't irritate it. Below I have picked out a couple of beauty/make up brands that I am going to be buying and trying over the next month. Then hopefully round the beginning of November I can share with you guys that results!

Herbivore Botanicals


They create natural, cruelty-free skincare that’s safe, non-toxic, and highly effective as well recyclable and reusable packaging! I really want to try out their Pink Clay mask and Mint Lip butter.

RMS Beauty


This brand is based on raw, living and organic principles. Their makeup is created to transform the way we use make up which is not only non-toxic but actually heals skin! From RMS I want to try one of their cover-up concealers.

Burt's Bee


A brand I'm sure many of you have already heard of for their lip balms, but Burt's Bees has a great selection of skincare that is created from natural ingredients. It has a whole section on their website sharing their sustainable philosophy from the ingredients they use in their products to their recycled packaging.

Au Naturale


This is an ethically sourced brand whose products are vegan, gluten- free, non-toxic and paraben-free. They also have a recycling rewards programme. I want to try out some of their lipsticks and eyeshadows!


(all images via Pinterest)

Balancing Life

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that’s been playing on my mind recently.


As I am sure many of you are aware, I create this blog in my spare time as it something I love to do, but I do also have a full time job. Recently, this full time job has been taking over quite a lot of my time and I feel like my blog and youtube have taken a back seat, hence there not being a video on Saturday and the fact I’ve been very quiet on Instagram recently. September is one of our busiest times at work and it’s been playing on my mind that I haven’t been putting my all into the blog like I want to. So that’s why I thought I’d talk about it today, to let you guys know that I’m not losing interest or giving up, I’m just crazy busy! I will still try and post every Monday and Wednesday and get a video up on a Saturday, but occasionally this might not happen and I want to apologise in advance.


Hopefully, by the end of the month things will be back on track. I have lots of ideas in the pipeline and with New York next month, October is shaping up to be an amazing month for the blog. So please bare with until then!

In the meantime, let’s discuss this outfit, a mix of my autumn and summer wardrobe. I loved these pants throughout summer and love how they look with more autumnal pieces too. I think you can definitely wear white in winter and can’t wait to style an all white winter outfit in the coming months! This time though, I'm wearing them with my trusty grey roll neck from Uniqlo, my loafer slides again (note to self, need to wear some other shoes!!!) and my Matt and Nat bag. Nice and simple but it really works.


Back to Basics

Whenever I feel a style rut coming on, I always go back to my favourite basic pieces and invest in some new pieces that I know I will wear season after season. This is what made up this outfit, a mix of new and old. The jeans and shoes I've had for over a year now and love them both so much. These are some of the best fitting jeans I have ever bought and I always feel great when I wear them. As for the shoes, they have been well and truly glued to my feet since the beginning of September, they are so easy to wear and work with so many different outfits I can't help but reach for them every time.


The new item in this look is the jacket. I have been wanting a suede jacket for a while and always thought they looked so perfect with simple outfits and make a great change to a leather jacket. Unfortunately I couldn't find a more sustainable one so went for this Mango one as at least I know where they stand on the sustainable front. 



Should We all be washing our clothes less?

Today I wanted to discuss what how to continue reducing the waste that clothes create even after you've bought them. Its easy to forget after you've bought a piece of clothing, it still continues to create a carbon footprint whilst sitting in your wardrobe, in fact 25% of fashions carbon footprint comes from us washing the clothes we already have. So today I thought I'd discuss how washing your clothes less can not only decrease your carbon footprint but also make your clothes last longer.


We are consuming more fast fashion then ever before and over 80% of it ends up in landfills. More fast fashion clothing is getting thrown away every year because we over wash our clothes which means they won't last as long. Below I've written some top tips for washing your clothes in a more sustainable way, and if that means you have one less house chore to do every week then I'm totally on board!

If you've worn an item of clothing and think it needs a freshen up but isn't really that dirty then instead of chucking it in the wash, soak it in a bucket or in the bath to partially clean it. That way you can get a few more wears out of it without starting to smell!

Did you know that wool retains a small amount of natural oil which resist dirt and grease so things like woolly jumpers don't have to be washed as often. Also, the less you wash knitwear the longer it will last, as it tends to misshape and bobble the more you wash knitwear, so giving it a soak if you think it needs it instead of washing it will not only be more sustainable but also make your knitwear last season after season.

Let me know if the comments below if you have sustainable tips on making your clothes last longer!

What's inspiring my Autumn Wardrobe

I'm such a huge fan of searching through Instagram and Pinterest when a new season comes around and searching for lots of inspiration for my wardrobe. Monday I showed you some things high on my Wishlist and today I thought I'd share with you the inspiration behind them.


This colour is everything, I actually think I'm obsessed! I so want to get myself some silk slip dresses and skirts for Autumn and Winter to wear with chunky knitwear. I've found this beauty of a dress that I'm saving up for!


I'm also on the hunt for a beige bag for Winter, I think it looks so good against the check and big knits.


Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Update and Wishlist

I cannot believe that we are already in September, Summer seems to have flown by! I will do a video soon on my most worn items of Summer and what worked and what didn't. But right now my head is Autumn and I've been planning and deciding what will be in my capsule for Autumn.

This time around I'm not being strict on when my Autumn capsule starts and finishes. Instead I'm going to gradually start introducing more autumnal pieces to my wardrobe and putting away the more summery pieces. I'm heading to New York next month and hoping to get the majority of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe there as they have Reformation and Everlane stores along with lots of Vintage shops which I can't wait to explore!

In the mean time I have been putting together a Wishlist of pieces I'd like in my wardrobe this Autumn, which I thought I'd share with you today. I am really into patterned blouses and after a summer of not very many exciting tops, I'm excited to add some more interesting pieces to my wardrobe as I know I'll be living in jeans for most part of Autumn and Winter! I am also very into the beige/neutral colour scheme when it comes to my jackets and shoes it seems.


Postcards from Rome

Photos on film


Whilst in Rome I thought I'd take my film camera and have a bit of fun taking photos on that as well. It was so much fun taking the photos and not knowing what the outcome will be straight away. I really love how these photos have turned out. Rome has been the most perfect setting for taking photos on film. This is my last post for Rome and I thought I'd let the photos do the talking, I've picked out some of my favourites to share with you today and I hope you love them as much as I do! I can't wait to shoot more on film in the coming months. 


This was where we stayed whilst in Rome. The front and back garden were equally beautiful and listening to that fountain was so peaceful!


Until till next time Roma!

Rome City Guide

Rome was absolutely amazing and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go there and I know it is a city I will definitely be going back to.

photo 33.jpg

There is so much to see and do in Rome, I think you could spend your whole life there and everyday you'd still find something new.

In our short time we managed to visit the Vatican City, the Colosseum, Palatine and Roman Forum as well as the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain. We also managed to do a bit of sunbathing and eat our body wait in pasta and pizza! So today I thought I'd share with you where we ate, we we did and some helpful tips if you're planning on heading to Rome yourself any time soon.

photo 26.jpg
photo 19.jpg

Places to Eat

photo 28.jpg

You're never short of places to eat whilst in Rome and we ate at some seriously yummy places. I still have long list paces I want to go back to Rome and try too!

For a nice date night, me and Garlok headed to Piazza Navona, the main square in Rome and just off of that we found La Focaccia. The staff here were so friendly and we had such a good night, the portion sizes were good for the price and it was all super yummy!

Another place we ate at was in my favourite area of Rome, Trastevere called Grazia & Graziella. We were lured in with a free glass of prosecco and the staff there were again so welcoming and friendly. 

photo 15.jpg
photo 14.jpg

If I could have then I would have spend all day going from place to place eating, but there wasn't enough time in the day so I thought I'd share some other restaurants that I didn't get a chance to eat at and are on my list for next time I go:

Osteria da Fortunata

Ivo a Trastevere


Il Sorpasso

La Prosciutteria

Forno Campo Di Fori

photo 7.jpg

What to do

photo 25.jpg

As I said above we managed to see some of the most historical sites in Rome, and they were truly amazing. One tip I would give if you're heading to Rome is to book all your tickets before you go. We booked onto a Vatican City tour and pre-booked our Colosseum tickets so we didn't have to queue at all. The tour of the Vatican was interesting, although I suggest doing it out of season as it was crazy busy and it didn't feel like we were being moved along like cattle.

photo 3.jpg
photo 18.jpg

Also make sure you have time to wonder around the amazing areas like Trastevere, which is made up of lots of little streets with cute shops. Another area I'd like to spend more time in next time I'm in Rome is Monti, which is very close to the colosseum.

photo 10.jpg
photo 22.jpg

Where to Stay

photo 32.jpg

We were a big group so it was hard to find a place to stay in the centre of Rome. We decided on this Airbnb right by the Vatican and a short walk from a metro station. The owner was so lovely and helpful and the place was the perfect home from home. We also got the chance to spend the day at the Grand Hotel del Gianicolo, which is on top of the hill in Trastevere with the most beautiful views and a very relaxing pool area, I'd definitely look into staying there next time.

photo 12.jpg
photo 13.jpg

All in all it was an amazing stay and I wish I could have stayed there longer and cannot wait to go back! If you've been to Rome before please leave your tips and suggestions in the comments below.

photo 1.jpg

Summer in the City: Linen Black Dress

I'm taking a quick break from Rome content to share with one another from my Summer in the City series. Summer is coming to an end now but we've still got some warmer days ahead of us, and this outfit is the perfect transitional outfit for when you don't need a jacket but still want your shoulders covered. It was also makes good use of high summer pieces like this linen black dress which I'd usually wear on holiday in a really hot country work for the London summer.


I have also started to introduce some more transitional shoes into my wardrobe. I had these loafer slides from last year and wore them so much during Autumn. They are so easy to slip on and look good with jeans too!


photo 2.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 4.jpg
photo 5.jpg
photo 6.jpg
photo 7.jpg

Out of Office: Holiday Mode

Unfortunately there isn't a normal post today! I have been crazy busy at work and haven't been able to get a post for you guys today. So instead I'm just writing a little note to let you guys know I am now heading off on holiday for the next week and will not be posting anything new until Wednesday 23rd August, where I''ll be sharing lots of holiday content!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer holiday's whatever you are up to!


3 Sustainable Purchases for Autumn

We may be in the height of Summer (supposedly) but I have already been starting to think about my Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe. I've been planning where I want to shop, the pieces that I need and some trends I want to buy into in a sustainable way.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 piece's that I'm looking to add to my capsule wardrobe when the weather get's a little cooler.

1. Cashmere jumpers


Something my wardrobe seriously lacks is those in-between pieces for when it's not tshirt weather anymore but if I put a thick jumper on I know I'll overheat. I've had my eye on Everlane's jumper collection for a while and can't wait to pick up some of their pieces when I go to New York in October.

Everlane Cashmere V Neck

Everlane Cashmere Crew

Everlane Ribbed Wool Cashmere Jumper

2. Colour Trousers


I love denim and every year when the weather gets cooler I end up living in jeans. This year I want to add some colour denim - I'm thinking red - into my wardrobe to mix things up a bit. I also want to add some corduroy trousers into the mix for that grandad chic that I love!

Everlane Wool Full Leg Pants

Reformation Joss Pants

Reformation Work Pant

Whistles Red Jeans

3. Vintage Check Blazer


My mission for Autumn is to find the perfect vintage check blazer. I'm going to be hunting through lots of vintage stores both in London and New York to find one, I think the perfect check blazer can totally make an outfit as shown by some of my favourite bloggers above.

Summer in the city: Basket Bags

Next up in my summer in the city series is styling the ultimate summer accessory - the basket bag. They are the it bag of the season and come all shapes and styles, the most well known one being the Jane Birkin basket bag.

Today I'm sharing with you how I styled my basket bag in London on Sunday when we went to a farmers market. What better place then to carry my basket bag! Again, like the espadrilles, I paired the basket bag with denim to make the outfit seem more fitting for summer in a city. I kept the outfit quite minimal so the bag could do all the talking and just went for my cropped cami top and nisolo slides. This is the perfect outfit for wondering around all the amazing markets that London has to offer from food markets to flower markets and a basket bag is the perfect accompaniment.


Seasonal Eating Guest Post

Today on the blog I'm handing over to my sister who has recently began her journey to eat more seasonally and sustainably. She has kindly agreed to write a post for my blog to share with all of you her tips on seasonal eating.

"When I turned 25 earlier this year I made a decision (partly inspired by Elea's journey into sustainable style and partly a realisation I'd spent the last quarter of a century consuming). I needed to add the word conscious in front of consumer and maybe start looking at my impact on the world. I'm a big foodie, always have been and I figured that maybe that's the best place to start.

It's no secret that what we eat has a massive impact on our environment. The amount of waste created and water used by the livestock industry is eye-watering. The air miles on the food flown in from around the world so our supermarket shelves look the same month in month out is outrageous and the food waste the average family produces is downright shameful. You could end up with a healthy dose of guilt when looking at your plate.

Eating sustainably might seem daunting at first but following the tips below will help you on your way

photo (5).jpg
  1. Eat seasonally
    Food is flown in from all over the world so we have constant access to our favourite staple fruit & veg all year round. Which is ridiculously when you can buy fresher, local and normally tastier produce when it's in season. Meat and Fish have seasons too which has a massive impact on taste and sustainability (especially for fish). Less air miles. Tastier food. Less guilt. Yes it takes some research to find out what's in season when but it's worth it. And if enough people buy only seasonal products from the supermarkets they'll create a demand...

  2. Eat more veg
    And by extension less meat...
    As a meat lover I thought this was going to be the worst. I was wrong. Eating more veg means I have widened my food horizons, saved money and been able to spend a bit more on a nice bit of meat so I can really showcase it. I've also increased the amount of fresh fish I eat buying fish that's in season and a not your standard cod or haddock has been cheaper and enlightening to my tastebuds!

  3. Eat local
    Local food supports local producers, supports local communities and reduces carbon emissions. Win win win. Check origins on food labels in supermarkets or better yet head to your local farmers market.

  4. Plan
    Eating sustainable is not necessarily a fly on your seat of your plants endeavour. It may take some awareness and planning, which fits lovely with my bullet journal habit! I tend to work out what's in season (and write lists in my journal) and then find some recipes that take my fancy. Food planning is proven to save money and increase healthy eating as added bonuses.

  5. Grow your own (if you can)
    No space is too small, from pots of herbs and chillis on a windowsill to fruit plants on balconies. I've recently just set out on my allotment journey, following in my mum's footsteps. I can tell you honestly there is no better tasting food than the stuff you've grown yourself, eating berries straight off the bush or veg on your plate that you dug up a few hours ago."

Useful info

I really hoped you enjoyed this post, it's so interesting listening to other people's views and how they live a sustainable lifestyle!

Summer in the City: Espadrilles

Today's outfit is the first in a little series in which I share with you how I style certain pieces that are perfect on holidays in a more appropriate way in the city. I think it's really important to have clothes that are versatile so you can get the most wear out of them.

To start off the series, I'm sharing how I would style espadrilles for the city. I love these espadrilles from Castaner and will definitely being buying their wedge pair in the future. They are so unbelievably comfortable which is perfect for walking around a city. If I ever want to make something easier to wear my go to is pairing it with denim. This time round I went with my denim mini and kept the outfit really simple with my white tee and this khaki jacket. This look would also look great with a leather jacket but sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit.

I also love these amazing photos, which were taken by my very talented friend,  Josh. You can check out his Instagram here and his website here!


7 Tips for Travelling more Sustainably

We are well into summer now which of course means booking those all-important holidays. Ever since heading off to Athens with Garlok two years ago, I have had the travel bug and my bucket list of places I want to travel to is a long one. But along with becoming more conscious about my wardrobe, I have started to become more aware of how to be sustainable in other areas of my life.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

So today instead of discussing sustainable fashion, I thought I would do a little piece on tips on how to travel more sustainably. I’d like to start introducing more aspects of a sustainable lifestyle into the blog, please let me know if that is something that you’d be interested in and what you guys think in the comments below.

Anyway let’s get on to today’s topic, travelling more sustainably. Even just getting on a plane cause air pollution, so trying to go away and be sustainable can be tricky, but there are a couple things you can do that obviously make a huge difference.

1.       If possible instead of flying, take a road trip or travel by train/boat as they are more eco-friendly.

2.       Book a more sustainable place to stay. Instead of going all-inclusive at a big resort, try staying at a B&B or Boutique hotels as they usually run by locals which means by staying there you are helping the country’s economy. Also check out The Good Trades list of Eco Friendly hotels and Airbnb’s here and here.

3.       Take a reusable water bottle. Instead of purchasing lots of plastic bottles whilst away causing a lot of waste whilst in another country, take a bottle with you and fill it up at water fountains etc. I know that Rome actually have lots of fountains dotted around the city which is perfect!

4.       Buy locally made products, head to the local markets or little Artisan shops instead of large touristy shops that have lots of things imported in.

5.       If you go on a tour use a local tour guide instead of a big company as you know the guide will actually been getting the money and will probably be more authentic!

6.       Try to travel on foot/cycle or use public transport as much as possible.

7.       Final one and one I think is so important – Immerse yourself in the local culture. Try to learn some basic phrases in their language, follow their traditions and of course as the saying goes ‘when in Rome do as Romans do’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece, please let me know in the comments if you have any tips on travelling more sustainably.